What Happen To My Inheritance?

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JUST ASK G – BLOG SPOT "What Happen To My Inheritance?


I’ve been asked to start a blog to talk about generational inheritance issues. In doing so, I want to hear your stories also. At times it might get very emotional as we express our stories. There appears to always be a fight when it comes to wealth transfer. Why? Stay tuned to hear my take on it. But for now, from the beginning of time we have had to fight for what belongs to us. Being denied the right of ownership to possess, which includes passing down the inheritance to the next generation. Should leave one to question, "what happen to my inheritance?" The answer lies not just with our immediate experiences but it goes back in time to where for example my native-American roots lies. We as a people of color are already behind the eight ball when it comes to generational wealth being passed down. But when you have an outside force that's allowed to walk away with your inheritance causing the transfer to be transferred elsewhere. We should be up and arms, pursuing what belongs to us. And how to go about getting it back. 

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